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This Reggae Music Service on the left is the brain-child of an idea that started 1970 or about that time, in Kingston Jamaica 136 1/2 Orange Street. It started with a weekly newsletter by the name of Record Retailers Top 50 chart and grew into a booklet, then

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improved to a full sized newspaper, but not before the original concept which evolved from a visit to England in 1969, where on seeing many music papers offering this vast music information service, I thought this would do nicely in Jamaica, where there was only one music magazine called "Swing".

There was also at the same time existing a music paper in London, by the name of Record Retailer. Equipped with this new idea Orange Street here I come. The Industry gladly embraced the idea, and before you know it, almost everyone in the business was advertising with the new source of information. This was followed by a musical award, the first ever of its kind to be done in the industry, and was held at The VIP club in Half Way Tree (formerly named The Glass Bucket club). The occasion had the support of the only two radio stations, Radio Jamaica and Redifusion, also Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation which existed at that time.

There was thirty two awards being given by this Record Retailers Top 50 chart. One can't list all of them at this time, however, among the top ten awards issued, were as follows: In no particular order - The Wailers, consisting of Bunny Wailer, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Best Group. The Most Promising New Singer Dennis Brown. The Number One Orchestra Byron Lee And The Dragonairs.

The No1 Record Producer Bunny Lee. The Personality Of The Year Hol Plummer. The No1 Record Disc Jockey Dennis Alcapone The No1 Record Retailer Randys Record. The No1 Record Distributer KGs Record. The No 1 Discoteque Derrick Harriot Musical Chariot. The No1 Radio Disc Jockey Don Topping. The No1 Female Disc Jockey Marie Garth.

While we do not have hard copy evidence of Record Retailer Top 50 chart. We will for sure be publishing bit parts and pages of Reggae Music Service. Starting with pages from the final publication listed below.

Spring 1988 Hints of Reggae music in London

Beat the rush get on right now.

See you there, can I have this dance?


There are artistes like Gregory Isaacs - Errol Dunkley - John Holt - The Heptones - The Ethiopians - Dobby Dobson - Rupie Edwards - Johnnie Clarke - Ossie Scott - Joe Higgs - The Itals - The African Brothers - The Meditators - The Tellers - The Mighty Diamonds - Shorty The President - Marques - Jah Woosh - Ken Parker - Errol Carter - The Concords - Carl 'Cannon Ball' Bryan - HughRoy Henry - Lloyd & Devon - Pat Francis - Social Eagles. All from the days of 1361/2 Orange Street Kingston Jamaica.

Order your copies today

Rupie says no reason to delay.

Dancing all Summer.

Music to keep you dancing all summer.

This article on the left tell you about the music industry & illustrate how reggae was being addressed in London at that time. We have made many new artistes from start. One more time we'll do it again.

The young man on the left Clive Dean who had just finished school, was on one of the pirate radio stations, and was given the opportunity to write the displayed article. He just missed out on getting placement training at the BBC.

The page displayed on left the left of this article show the many things that the little magazine RMS carried out as a private enterprise, in the music industry & Reggae in particular. Reggae Music Service will return to serve the peoples of the music industry.

Support local talent.

Support local talent, that is what we are all about. We have been doing it for approximately fifty years. The artistes above at the top on display, are proof that we back our words with facts. The albums below are living testimonies of the various things we've done. We fully intend to embrace and develop more talented artistes. We do not discriminate against race, colour, creed, age, sex.

Distributors of our products are: ITunes - Amazon mp3 - Google Play - Spotify - Rhapsody - EMusic & MediaNet Distribution Set up.


While it is very true that Reggae Music gained international recognition from, and through England, it is also fair to say that Reggae Music's Jamaican Artistes/Musicians and Producers, were definitely inspired by Uncle Sam's American Writers/Singers/ Musicians and Producers.

The root of the entire matter springs from ALKEBULAN, the original name of Africa, as it is so called today.

The Movement Of Reggae

The movement of reggae started out there in the cane fields, banana walks, coffee and chocolate walks of Jamaica, where men women and their children sang in the hot sun shining down from GOD above.

Singing songs like ''Woman have heavy load''. It was during the days of slavery, a time in history a lot of my counterparts fear, or hate to talk about, but one that I personally encourage, for the simple reason: ''I'm not ashamed to say with great heart, I was taken across the seas over four hundred years ago as a slave in the loins of my fathers before me. I made the trip and survived'', and that is one of the reasons that I glory in the bible, because it gave me a lot of the knowledge that I posses today. The Jews celebrate the pass over every year, a constant reminder of where they are coming from, a stark reminder to be aware of what could happen again, and a willingness for it never to happen to their children's children, ever again.


Download from ITunes - Amazon mp3 - Google Play - Spotify - Rhapsody - EMusic & MediaNet Distribution Setup. The album id numbers are: SG172287 - SG172776.


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