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  • For many years I've been listening to talk of we were here from such and such a time and such and one come and look how far 'dem' reach and we still a struggle.
  • Oh, so you have heard it too? jolly good. Just making sure that its not just my daffy head playing tricks on me.
  • So what are you me going to do about it? loads can be done about it. First of all education is the key to open any door. By education, I don't mean everyone is going to aspire to be a Lawyer/Doctor/Teacher Rocket Scientist or Prime Minister? however, one can learn a skill, by skill I mean simple learn to do something that the average man or woman cannot do. Simple.
  • Once you have acquired such a skill, that in itself will make you develop a consciousness in yourself that you are equal and in some cases above the other he or she standing next to you. Always remember you are ahead of the clever clogs who have not made a start.
  • It will bring you to a platform in your mind that no matter how he or she is bright in their knowledge, you are equipped with something that dear Surgeon/Nurse Member of Parliament/Racing Driver/Olympic Swimmer and the like can't do.
  • That is simply called accomplishment, it does not immediately put a million pounds into your bank account, but believe this: You are well on your way to better things. The feeling of better about yourself is an improvement. How about learning another language? That could come in very handy.
  • Copyright 2012. R L Edwards.
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