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Rupie Edwards presents Success Archives

CD 1

(1) Ire Feelings Rupie Edwards

(2) Every Day Wondering Johnnie Clarke

(3) Darling Ooh Your Love Is Amazing Errol Dunkley

(4)Love Is The Foundation Of The World Lloyd and Devon

(5) Too Late Gregory Isaacs

(6) Don't Make Me Over Dobby Dobson

(7) You've lost That Loving Feeling The Heptones

(8) My Little Red Top Rupie Edwards

(9) You bring Me Joy Johnnie Clarke

(10) What Love Has Joined Together Dobby Dobson

(11) Dance With Me Rupie Edwards

(12) Down Below Errol Dunkley

(13) Baby Hughroy Henry

(14) Black And White Gregory Isaacs

(15) Sometimes Rupie Edwards

(16) That Wonderful Sound Ossie Scott And Dobby Dobson


CD 2

(1) Give Me The Right The Heptones/Joe White

(2) Love is A Wonderful Wicked Thing Rupie Edwards

Bob Andy Tyrone Evans

(3) Don't Let Me Suffer Gregory Isaacs/The Concords

(4) Crazy Dobby Dobson

(5) Fat Girl Sexy Girl John Holt

(6) Endlessly Dobby Dobson

(7) Girl You're Too Young The Mighty Diamonds

(8) Three In One Errol Dunkley

(9) Mystery Of Nature The African Brothers

(10) One Sunday Morning Social Eagles

(11) I'm Gonna Buy You A Ring The Ethiopians

(12) Julie Don't You Know Johnnie Clarke

(13) Green Guava Jelly The Tellers

(14) Man and Woman John Holt

(15) Girl I really really love you Rupie Edwards

(16) I Sey Go Dey Rupie Edwards All Stars

Carl 'Cannon Ball' Bryan


CD 3

(1) The End Johnnie Clarke

(2) Far Beyond The Valley Gregory Isaacs

(3)Solid As A Rock The Ethiopians

(4) Mother Cubba The Meditators

(5) Every Time The Itals

(6) Talk About Love Ken Parker

(7) I Wanna Be Loved Ken Parker

(8) I'm Gonna Live Some Life Rupie Edwards

(9) A little Piece A Time Rupie Edwards

(10) Lonely Man Gregory Isaacs

(11) Burning Fire Joe Higgs

(12) If You Say So Errol Dunkley

(13) Ramgoat Malish Water Errol Carter

(14) Long Lost Love Rupie Edwards

(15) Know Yourself Black Man Pat Francis

(16) Big Splish Splash The Ethiopians

(17) No Work No Pay The Tellers

(18) Jamaica Serenade Rupie Edwards All Stars

Marques Saxophone

(19) President A Mash Up De Resident Shorty The President

(20) The Wanderer Jah Woosh




SuccesS Archives 3CD BOX SET

Vintage REggae

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