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About Us

Album Id SG - 158591.

As a performer I started at school age 7, playing through a Bamboo tube along with my school mates. By the time age 15 had arrived, I was out of school and looking forward to the recording studios, where I recorded my first two songs for a recording company.

Five other recordings followed, and thereafter my own productions started to flow, hence the start of the Rupie Edwards music productions. The year was 1966. I served as MC and front line singer with the Virtues band, and then served in a similar position with the Mighty Vikings band. My first record shop started in 1968 at 136 1/2 Orange street in down town Kingston Jamaica. A few tours followed, then came my biggest hit Ire Feelings "Skanga".

Black Friday To Thursday

Revaluation Time

This World

Heaven Or Hell You Choose

Pure Gold

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We Are Owners/Producers/Publishers:- of the copyright in the sound recording, and the copyright in the musical works, of one of the largest existing back ca​talogue of Reggae Music ever made in Jamaica, during the 1960s and 1970s.  

In These Changing Times Which We Are Living In - Rest Well Knowing You're Still With The Original - Pure Love & Good Music. ''Have a nice day.''

London, London E8 3DB

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